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The job market has never been more competitive. The Tough Love Resume service helps you stand out from the crowd by optimizing your resume and putting your best foot forward. 

Extremely high ROI: Most people underestimate the importance of the resume and simply wing it. The resume is the most important document you will prepare in your career. The ROI on resume services can be up to 1000x. 

Tough Love: It will be difficult to get objective feedback on your resume from family and friends. Tough Love Resume will provide you objective and honest feedback to get your resume in the YES pile quickly.  

Resume Video Feedback: The most valuable information is knowing where you stand and how you can improve your resume. Candidates think they have an amazing resume until they don’t hear back. 

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    The information will be used to provide you resume feedback, tough love style.

    Get personalized video feedback on your resume

    The video feedback is perfect for those seeking a second opinion on their resume. You will know where your resume stands compared to your competition.

    1 on 1 resume writing services

    A much more comprehensive offering as your resume and related documents are prepared from scratch to get you more interviews. You will stand out from 100s of other job applicants guaranteed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    • You will receive a personalized video feedback to the email address provided within. It will  cover areas for improvement and suggestions.
    • Going to make you cry…. Haha kidding. The truth is no one likes criticism, hence why it is Tough Love Resume. Tough Love Resume will give your resume the tough love it deserves. 
    • If you are already getting plenty of interviews with your resume then don’t change a thing. This website is not for you.
    • However, this is a small portion of the population. The truth is most people think they have an amazing resume when in reality it’s just average. I’m surprised how many people underestimate the importance of the resume. It is the most important document you will prepare in your career. The ROI on resume services can be up to 1000x.
    • In a group of 1000 resumes, the quality of resumes is quite normally distributed. The majority of resumes are average, while the stand outs are rare. The goal is to make your resume stand out from the pack.
    • A lot of qualified candidates aren’t getting interviews because they are not presenting themselves in the best way possible.
    • In fact, many clients who have worked with Tough Love Resume have not received results for months tackling the recruitment process on their own. After working with Tough Love Resume on a fully personalized rewriting of their documents, they’ve received interviews in days / weeks.
    • Presentation is key and the area where most people can improve in.

    In addition to the free video feedback, there are 2 pricing tiers:

    $250 – Resume Rewriting & LinkedIn
    $350 – Work together until receive 1 interview

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    • Please feel free to make a donation of any amount through the Paypal button below. Donations have ranged from $5 -$25. Thanks for supporting the cause!

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